Hi, we're Alkemy

We empower individuals, labs and health facilities to conveniently deliver better laboratory and test experiences.

Our Story

In the Middle Ages, humankind’s best minds applied themselves to finding an elixir for eternal life, and turning dross to gold. They failed. But they set a high bar.

Alkemy presses forward in this ancient tradition of discovery. With the latest technologies and the greatest passion, we are working with modern labs and health innovators to raise the stakes for health and well-being services.

Our mission is to help anyone who needs a lab test to find and compare the best options in terms of location, service profile and pricing anywhere in the world, and be assured of a trustworthy lab whose results can be verified anywhere as required.

We offer what you want


We bring people and labs together for easy tests. We have made it possible for people to browse through multiple labs and their services to decide which one is best for them in no time.


We get people close to a reliable marketplace for selling and offering lab services from around the world. We want anyone to be able to go online and find a lab close to them to test. 

Risk Reduction

By future vetting processes and user reviews, people should find the right labs to go to and the right services to get. We want to be the trust engine for that, especially in Africa and other LDC.

Brand Reputation

By being the brokering party and creating unique partnerships, Alkemy will set the tone for the recognition of labs into a more mainstream limelight which will benefit partner labs with many tools and opportunities.

Our Partners