Designed for a better lab booking experience

Alkemy gives all you need to quickly find reliable labs and schedule tests.

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A faster way to find reliable labs to get tested

Alkemy makes it simple and convenient to connect to trusted labs from around the world. From start to finish, the Alkemy platform covers every aspect of a convenient lab test and results verification journey. It’s the last software you’ll ever need. 

The platform allows anyone – within or outside a country – to seamlessly discover trusted labs, tests offered and book a test for one’s self or on behalf of someone. 

Schedule a test

Book a test from anywhere around the world in any country. Alkemy makes it easy to find plans and the tests they in just a few clicks. All you need is an account with Alkemy.

Get tested

Getting tested has never been easier. Just walk in when your time for the test is due, present your booking record, and get tested instantly. Your convenience is assured.

Get your test certificate

Test results get digitized and integrated into patient record systems that are used to generate downloadable digital test certificates. These certificates are verifiable worldwide.

Get digitally verified

Your certificates are variable for travel and other related uses by the authorized authorities from around the world.  


A more expressive, efficient, and convenient way to find trusted Labs

If convenience and originality are all you seek, our Alkemy portal can deliver just that. Alkemy gives you access to information on thousands of labs and health facilities from around the world 

With just seconds of setup, the Alkemy platform provides everything to make booking tests a breeze. 

Global steering groups, regulatory bodies, and many enforced international standards provide a trusted and secure foundation you can count on.

Designed for a better overall experience

What else does Alkemy do?

Digitization Of Health History

The platform keeps a digital record of health activity for travel. This user information is saved under our privacy policy and can be accessed anywhere around the world. At its core, this module transforms the analytics needed for rapid decision-making.

Certificate for Travel

Alkemy certificates are a digitized and integrated substitute or complement for/of current paper-based certificates clearance forms. These certificates are verifiable and accepted in multiple countries around the world.

Family health records repository

The dependency feature in Alkemy makes it possible for persons (children and older people) who can’t own and operate and have their data linked to someone who can’s account. This creates a single-family health profile.

Reasons to choose Alkemy